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Yuni Coffee Case Study

01. The Situation

They were breaking into the US market and needed an identity system that didn’t slow them down.

• Their website needed to better handle orders and have the right voice.

• They had a tough time fitting their logo into various online and print applications. They needed a responsive logo.

• They faced frustration every time the decision of coffee labels and bags came up. They needed a visual system.

• It was best for the business, if possible, to build off of the brand rather than start from scratch.

02. Discovery

The two distinct customer bases each had their own point of contact which provided a framework for the design consultation.

Yuni’s unique story and values in transparency, quality and craftsmanship creates a stage for connecting with specialty coffee culture. Yuni has two distinct customer profile segments, Laos and United States. These two segments have two distinct entry points – the local coffee shop for Laos, and the website for the US. The packaging, being in both worlds, would focus on telling the Yuni story.

The mountain and river represented their geographic origin of Laos which is rich in textile motifs. These important textures and motifs would be leveraged in the overall brand design and used on coffee bag labels.

03. Design

To connect with customers we made the designs clean, minimal and representative of the local area from which Yuni came.
We were able to take the existing logo, update it (top photo) and expand into a complete visual system which was cost effective and kept brand momentum.

• Responsive Logo
• Submark
• Patterns based in Lao culture
• Badge (on trend)
• Color Palette
• Font Selection


04. Application

• Online Store
Switched platfroms. The payment gateway was more user friendly which translates into more purchases and less abandoned carts. This move allowed for deeper analytics for website use.

• Updated Coffee Bags
We worked directly with their printers in order to get the right placement on the hot stamp. Then developed labels which allowed for quick customer recognition.

• New Merchandise
New shirts, caps, and stickers celebrated the new brand while also driving loyalty and awareness.

The Results

• The updated logo mark, brand system and merchandise increased sales and brand loyalty.
• With their website migrated to a new platform it allowed for better payment systems, management, analytics and user experience. This not only provides an increase in sales but also gathers rich data with easy to use analytics for growing in the future.
• We can happily say, Stephen and Tyler now create labels, print coffee bags and approach their visuals without frustration.