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Turning a Product into a Business

01. The Situation

Their previous name and brand was built around a target audience which wasn’t the right fit so we did the research and design to develop the new name and logo.

• Needed research and to solidify target customer identity.
• Naming
• Reimagining the product lineup
• Visual Identity and Structure
• Packaging

02. Discovery

Their brand message was built for the wrong target audience.
The first session was to figure out customer profiles. We came up with a few profiles but the main one was young (23-38 year) female living or traveling in Bali whose interests were whole foods, natural health and yoga.

From there we came up with a name that connected with that audience while telling the brand story. Maker’s Signature provides high quality, natural products made by local villages in Indonesia and are ethically and transparently sourced. After acquiring the domain and fine tuning the messaging, we set out on the visuals.

03. Design

Using craft paper for texture, handmade fonts, and cost conscious packaging we designed visuals that would compliment our brand strategy.

• Hand made fonts
• Natural Colors
• Simple Logo
• Watercolor Elements

04. Application


Two sizes of jar labels for the VCO.

Coffee Bag

Appropriate Labels for two different regions of coffee. Each identified by the color, with options for adding new varieties.

Ingredient Sacks

Cocoa nibs, Cacao Beans and Granulated Palm Sugar Labels

Chocolate Bar Packaging

Created the complete packaging for the box used in their dark chocolate bars with appropriate marketing and information.