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01. The Situation

A New Business Needed a New Design

Lauran was taking her business the next tier, and moving from being a custom wedding vendor to storefront café. Being in a college town, her demographics were focused on young twenties as well as the locals. We infused the brand with the high energy it was asking for. After all, life is what you bake it!

This was a storefront which needed to attract customers and set the tone of what a sweets shop could be. We rebranded to highlight energy, fun and craftsmanship.


Logo for Caked Up! on a window
Caked Up Brand Overview

02. Discovery

After figuring out the target customer and the current trends in the industry, we created a vibrant color palette and aesthetic that would be fun but stand the test of time.

We curated fonts, talked through marketing approach and created messaging headlines.

• Color Palette • Fonts • Sub-Marks • Pattern

03. Design

We created business cards which made it easy to gift and write notes.

• Business Cards
• T-Shirts
• Menus
• Stickers
• Social Media Kit