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Why Business Owners Should Use Squarespace

**Update: (2021) I no longer use Squarespace as my main hosting provider. I still think they make a good website for those needing something that looks good, can be set up fast and is pretty user friendly. However the limitations in creative freedom and growing a shop has made me change to Elementor + WordPress.

As a Business Owner, running a website boils down to two simple things–You & Me.
You: I want it to be visually pleasing and easy to navigate for you the customer. Me: I want it to be quick to edit so it saves me time. 

Squarespace runs on a system of just a few but really well designed master templates. You have to choose the right template that makes the most sense for your website but after doing so, you start off with a really nice website that you can (and should) customize to fit your brand experience.

Using Squarespace has saved me time–a lot of it. I could (maybe) write the code from scratch but I would be spending far to much time coding and problem solving than doing what I want to do: design. That’s the main reason why I use Squarespace but some other reasons are:


1) Drag & Drop Build

Building websites function on a drag and drop approach, so you can see what your page looks like as you do it. All of the options for the type of blocks you want to add are right there as you build. Knowing what you can do makes it easy to envision how you want the layout.


2) Looks good on your Computer, Tablet or Phone

All Squarespace websites have mobile versions. This means that you create one site and it automatically works on all devices. And if you want to have a bit more control on how it will look like on mobile or tablets, with a click of a button you can design your website while viewing a screen that emulates the look of a smartphone or tablet.


3) Cost Appropriate

If you are only running one website this is the way to go. Now there are cheaper (free) alternatives out there like WordPress which would make a lot more sense if you were wanting to have several websites running. But you’ll have to get your own hosting provider which can come in at $50-$100 per year. Not to mention you will probably have to add a different service provider if you wanted to incorporate eCommerce. Which takes me to my next point…


4) eCommerce

Squarespace has online shops built into every website template. Some are shop templates are more dynamic than others. But if you are trying to launch an online shop along with a website, this is the easiest service I’ve seen to get you up and running fast.


5) Respected and Good Track Record

Squarespace has been around for a while and they keep on adding features that are good for their customers. They have great customer service and I also like their Superbowl commercials but that’s besides the point. They are a business I enjoy to use, they’re consistent and I think they’ll be around for a while.

Squarespace isn’t a fit for everyone, but I think it’s the best route for most–especially if you aren’t wanting to look under the hood and mess with HTML, CSS and Javascript. I consider the ease of use, how quick it is to get your website running, its user friendliness, how nice it looks on various platforms and how much time it will save you as a business owner makes it a great website for many business owners wanting a web presence.

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