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The Grafting Tree Branding

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Jason & Debbie had a vision for starting an organization which helped families adopt.

They hey had the hearts, the plan, the experience (they have 6 kids, three of which are adopted) & were ready to launch this thing–but they needed a name & a logo. I was pretty excited when they asked me to be a part of this project. It was incredible to hear their vision and the scope of where they wanted to see this grow in the coming years. After meeting together, I got out the pen and paper and began going through the naming process. The important themes were new families, adoption, & finding a place called home. I came up with a few options & we landed on “The Grafting Tree”.

The idea behind it is that through adoption, your family not only gets a child but your child gets a family tree. Although the branch is still unique in where it came from, after the grafting process, it is 100%, fully a part of the tree.  Jason & Debbie, we love your hearts & wish you the best on this journey!


Branding Guide

• About the Design: The clients wanted a logo that predominantly lent itself to adoption but could grow into a brand that cared for the elderly as well. My aim was to make a logo which catered towards new family. Due to the nature of children (& elderly) I decided that a hand lettered mark was most suitable. The logo was first hand lettered in ink, then uploaded and edited on the computer. 

• I used soft greens & earthy tones to complement the nature of the name. I wanted the color scheme to be gender neutral since they would be following adoptions of both boys & girls.

• The sub-mark was incorporated into the main logo. It consists of three different leaves tied or ‘grafted’ into one branch.


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