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Equestrian Brand Design for Southern California Business


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Capturing Feminine Beauty with Hard Work in this Equestrian Brand Design made with a Handmade Logo and Pattern. 

Emily, the owner of Talley Meadows, came to me with her established equine business. Her knowledge with horse rehabilitation, professionalism in business and being on sight and involved in every aspect of her business sets her apart from her competition. She wanted a brand design that was feminine, professional and personal. 

First I set up a personal page for her on the website which we would update throughout the brand process. With her filled out business forms in hand I dove into the who, what and why of her business.

She has a very refined niche in clientele and the equestrian world has a long and established history. So the tension in this brand was to land in a place that showed personality with professionalism, feminine accents with rugged strength, and introduced a modern business without alienating people’s expectations.

“I was Thinking a Little More Along the Lines of Warm Blooded Showjumpers.”

When Emily dropped this on me, I knew we were in for many revisions. Because she had such a niche customer she needed a niche logo. Not any horse would do and there are differences in height, neck, hair and form of every kind of horse. We went through several different concepts, from a jumping horse, to a trotting one and the head of a horse. We landed on the third.

We went with freehand strokes with tapered endings because it would be familiar for clients but we did it in a way that was representative of Talley Meadows distinct features.

An open wreath wraps around the horse and carries elements of victory. It brings in the feminine beauty we were going for by having leaves & floral elements. These also tied into the meadows aspect and the grassy lands Emily has on her property, which isn’t terribly common in Southern California.

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We chose a Mauve Pink as the primary color with blues and grays as accents, then I hand illustrated a pattern to go on the stationary and communications. The pattern incorporated the same type of floral elements represented on the logo.

After choosing complimentary fonts I went on to design the letterheads, contracts, business cards, tshirts and envelopes. 


In closing I wrote up suggestions and guidelines on how Emily can best use her brand in the future; exported all her files in appropriate formats and sent it to her in a Dropbox link. 

Emily, thanks for trusting us with your business.


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