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Siola: Brand Design

The people at SIOLA Virgin Coconut Oil needed a brand identity that would match their story and their target customer.

Siola Virgin Coconut Oil is doing something great! They started operations in rural villages on the coasts of Southeast Asia with the goal of making a sustainable & profitable business for locals. The impact it has had on the community has been noteworthy. Typically, men in the area would migrate to other regions to find employment, while women wouldn’t really get an opportunity to work. Siola is making it possible for Dad’s not to leave their families for livelihoods, and for women to contribute financially to the household. This in turn is starting to change the way the community sees work and understand business.

The Market.

Siola’s target market is the up-and-coming youth of Southeast Asia. There has been a fun shift in the economic growth, which has meant better schooling and higher paying jobs for youth entering the workforce. The energetic youth, now have the funds to afford the kind of lifestyle they want. This has meant opportunity for health conscious cooking & cuisine. We needed a brand that would connect Siola’s story and virgin coconut oil with the professional & health-conscious youth of Southeast Asia.

After researching the trends in the coconut oil industry. We came up with a plan that would tap into the energy of the youth with telling the brand story, while still having a professional identity that would differentiate itself from the competitors. Most VCO products on the market consisted of less than professional designs with a a typical photo of a coconut in the background.

The Design

We wanted two coconut palms in the image, to represent the roots of Siola, which was ‘togetherness’. the waves in the background and underneath the palms lent itself to the island life Siola is working in, and also created an element of motion & energy. The water droplet in the background represents an oil droplet and also added to the motion & energy of the brand.

We took a look at colors to show the adaptability of the brand, since they wanted room to grow into other food and cosmetic products.

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