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Panasonic Lumix G85, Why I switched to micro 4/3

I’ve had my Panasonic Lumix G85 for two months now, and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made in regards to camera gear. My Canon 60D with its amazing 24-70 2.8 lens had better still photography but due to having to travel light and the need for video, the G85 with its 12-35 2.8 lens has been the perfect fit for me. Aside from the affordable price tag, here are 3 reasons I’m glad I made the switch.

1.) Size: This is the Goldilocks of cameras, not too small, not too big

I travel a lot. If that isn’t reason enough to have a smaller camera kit here’s another reason: I have two kids under 2. After going back to the states with only my satchel to hold my gear since my carry on and check-in baggage were already claimed by my wife and kids and souvenirs, I knew I needed something small.

I love the way the G85 kit fits in my hands. This model has a traditional dslr body type, which means it juts out on one side giving you a better grip, yet takes up half the space when compared to my Canon 60D kit. It’s lighter which means vlogging and carting it around all day isn’t a strain and being a mirrorless system it’s more discreet and a lot less intimidating when doing portraiture or video of locals.

2.) Video: 4K and Incredible Image Stabilization

Although this camera body doesn’t really offer slo-mo capabilities (it can only shoot 30 or 60fps in HD and 24/30fps in 4k) it does video very well.

Image Stabilization is a champ in this model. To date Panasonic has only incorporated in-body stabilization in two models, the GH5 and the G85. When coupled with an O.I.S. stabilized lens you can activate its duel stabilization feature which gives you 5-axis stabilization. My videographer friend tried it out and said “This is ridiculous. It’s like using a gimbal!” It may be an overstatement but the fact remains, using this duel stabilization is incredible for videographers and vloggers who are constantly on the go. This IS capabilities also work for still shots.

3.) Accessories

The body has a port for micro usb, hdmi, remote and most importantly to me, a microphone jack. You can mount a microphone onto the hot shoe and plug it right into the camera body. No more worries about syncing your audio or having to use the in-body microphone. I use a Shure VP83 with a windjammer and haven’t had any trouble with the sound.

Another goodie that Panasonic has is its Image App. Typically apps made by camera makers have been disappointing in the past, but Panasonic’s Image App has made me love this camera even more. Using its own wifi connection the G85 can connect to my iphone and allow me to remotely control the focus, shutter speed, and ISO. I also can transfer images/video from the camera to my phone using this app, although it isn’t supporting the transfer of RAW format images (perhaps my iphones limitations?). 

“I wish the battery life was better. I wish it had slo-mo capabilities. But for what I need right in regards to travel and video, this is the best fit.”


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