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Plutio: Manage your Creative Business All from One App

(This is an older post that has been whittled down since it has gone thru several updates and I am no longer using it regularly for my work.)

I’ve been looking for an app where I can manage the day to day tasks of a creative business and have enjoyed Plutio. Gone are the days of emailing contracts and keeping to-do lists, calendars and client communications in a myriad of apps where half of them don’t even function all that well.

I use affiliate links in this post and I only recommend products that I use and love, and if I think it would be a benefit to you. And this is one of them.


Let me introduce: Plutio

So I got into Plutio after rummaging through the internet for an application to handle the invoicing and signing contracts for my business. After looking through recommendations like Honeybook, Bonsai, etc. I landed on which I still use for work and they offer a minimal app that does all these things quite well. If you’re looking for a streamlined and minimal solution to handle invoicing, contracts, proposals, and time which has mobile app support this software is probably the perfect fit.

But if you’re looking for a more robust, all in one solution let me tell you about Plutio. With Invoicing, Contracts, Tasks, and basic CRM they can handle client relationships, they keep everything organized and are always Innovating: seriously they just keep on getting better and better (way to go Leo)!



• Best All in One software that I’ve tried for consultants, freelance and small studios.
• The Organization Features (projects, calendar, tasks, files) are my most valued features in this app. They are the perfect balance between user friendly and robust. And with the iPhone app everything can be accessed on the go.
• It’s an app that looks like it will continue to get better in the long haul.
• It’s All-in-One: so being able to do it all without so many different softwares is a huge plus.



• It’s All-in-One so if you really need a specialization in collaboration software Asana or Slack might be a better fit; or you really need a robust CRM software then Hubspot CRM or another would be a better fit; or if you just need a simple software for invoicing, contracts, proposals and payment then is a great choice.
• The electronic signature and client side features can be clunky.

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