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Why I Use Affinity Designer




Affinity Designer is a vector based software that can be used on both Mac & Windows. It’s a great tool for graphic designers for creating logos, layouts and more. Here are some of the reasons why I use it:

All around Fast

The guys at Affinity built this app from the ground up and the software is lightning fast. But the design, and intuitive layout will also make your workflow a whole lot faster as well. Other software I’ve used has at times felt clunky or bloated with their interface. Or they would take time to load & apply effects, with Affinity Designer most stuff happens simultaneously as you do it and the layout is stellar (not to mention customizable to suit your personal preferences).


Fair Pricing

It comes in at around $50 right now. That’s fifty dollars more than the free stuff you can get but I’ve noticed these other applications are typically not user friendly and can sometimes be a steep learning curve. There are other professional apps in this space that go for hundred (and thousands) of dollars. With all that the app offers & all the updates they’re putting out, the cost is well worth it.


Keeps Getting Better

Updates are something worth looking forward to. They aren’t typically just bug fixes but often include features that you will quickly learn to love. The pricier competition offers more bells & whistles, but for the most part Affinity has everything you might need, and if they don’t chances are it’s on their future roadmap. They also have created Affinity Photo which is geared toward photographers or those wanting to manipulate photos; and they have plans to make a Document Editor for publishing layout and the like. These three make their Affinity Suit trifecta.


Multiple Platform

Ok so this didn’t really get me at first since I mainly use Mac. But now that they’re on Windows, most everybody has access to it. The compatibility is also great, so you can collaborate with a others who aren’t on the same platform as you. 


In-House Tutorials

They offer a lot of great tutorials online. These are more tool driven and aimed at getting you familiar with the software; rather than how to make a certain designs using the app. There are a lot of great videos to check out if you need to figure something out, or just familiarize yourself with the app. 


File Compatibility

This is predominately Vector Software. Vectors are a type of file which can be resized indefinitely without getting pixelate or losing data. You can also change the layout to work with raster formats right within the app, so it’s not limited to vector entirely. You can also import/export all the file formats you would expect, such as: Jpeg, Png, Gif, Pdf, Svg, Eps, Psd, or Tiff.

All in all, Affinity Designer seems to do most things you need and does it lightning fast. But if they don’t have those exact tools you are needing in you workflow you should check out their roadmap for future releases. They are currently offering a free trial on their website if you want to test before you buy Affinity Designer Website. 


*I am in no way affiliated with Affinity Designer or their Suite. I just really like the software they are producing.


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