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Free Affinity Designer Business Card Templates

Hope you find these helpful, let me know what you think or if you have any questions in the comments below.

A lot of you have been enjoying the “How to make a Custom Business Card in Affinity Designer” blog post. And if you are new to Affinity or have questions, that can probably help you with the basics.

You’ll need a copy of the Affinity Designer software to access the file. If you are not familiar with the software- Here is what it is and why I like to use it.

These are made full bleed, so your artboard sizes will be 2.25”x3.75” which should be cut down during print to have a final size of 2”x3.5”.

If you do not already have the relevant fonts I suggest downloading them and installing them onto your system before opening the Affinity Designer File.


Download Affinity Business Card Template

Legal Note:

In downloading these files you agree to not hold me or Traiway Consulting Intl. accountable for any damages caused in using this product. These are business card templates I made for you to use freely for and personal or commercial products. All the names and logos are fictitious, and they do not represent any actual persons or businesses. Any similarity is unintentional. Please do not use or redistribute this file as is.


In the file I used all free fonts. You can find their downloads here:


Bebas Neue:



If you are interested in the commercial fonts I used in the original image post, they are: Claxton & Avenir Next.


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