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Branding A Bakery with a New Logo “Caked Up! Durant”

Logo for Caked Up! on a window

Lauran, the owner of “Caked Up! Durant” needed a brand that connected with a youthful audience without alienating the customers she already had.

The Situation:

Caked Up! was growing (a great problem to have) and moving into a new space. It was already a successful bakery but she wanted to grow the business by having a new storefront with a coffeeshop & baked goods. With these additions Lauran needed a brand that would engage a younger customer who would frequent the coffee shop, without alienating their client base who needed custom cakes for special events. 

The Solution:

After talking through who their target audience was. The best two paths would either be a minimalist, typography logo which would lean more to the wedding crowd but still appeal to the target audience. Or a fun, hand lettered logo which incorporated a baking icon [cake or cupcake] which would appeal more to a younger audience and communicate the hand crafted quality “Caked Up! Durant” is known for.

The Process


After reading over her response to the questionnaires I’d sent, hearing about her business via video chat, and seeing what her shop looked like, I went into sketching. I was aiming for the brand to be a natural outflow of Lauran’s style. Her shop had bold handmade pieces complemented by an overall aesthetic of clean lines & a modern feel. 

Initial sketches for caked up logo

Revising the Logo:

Cupcakes are their bread & butter but I didn’t want to have just another cupcake logo for their shop. If we were going to do a cupcake, it had to be as handcrafted and unique as the cupcakes they were known for. After getting the ok from Lauran that we were on the same page, I continued with revisions & fine tuning the logo. As I developed the logo I ended up connecting the top and balanced the swirls which made the mark handcrafted but clean. I also filled in the image and had the lettering be in the negative space because it made the logo more legible for the different sizes it would have to adapt to.

Caked up Logo Iterations

Developing the Identity:

After showing Lauran the final logo and getting approval, we moved forward with what all the rest of the visuals:

She loved a soft teal color and we incorporated it into the palette; then added accent colors to provide enough variety for her brand’s energy & celebration theme.

Instead of opting for fonts that were high energy, I chose a more straightforward font pair that would anchor the branding in professionalism and continue to engage with the wedding crowd with a more modern, elegant feel. This was an important choice because it mirrored the entire vibe of the shop (handcrafted yet modern).

Next I designed a pattern for accents & decor in the shop which would create a more memorable brand experience. It is used to add texture to otherwise empty spaces or behind text to communicate high energy.

Digital & Print Collateral:
After all these were finalized I designed stickers, banners, advertisements & business cards. Lauran & I collaborated on the business cards and had them incorporate to/from areas on the back since they are often given as gifts. There’s enough space for a note to be written but having an added pattern it doesn’t look empty (and unthoughtful) should the giver choose not to write a note.

Caked Up Logo black and white
Caked Up Brand Overview

Final Consultation:


To wrap it all up we had one final video call where we were able to talk through all the pieces & discuss how to use these elements to grow her business. I’m so excited to see how the business grows over the next few years & if you’re ever in Durant, OK, be sure to get one of her amazing cupcakes! 

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