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Designing a Coffee Imports Logo

They’re paying as much attention to the farmers lives as they do the quality of coffee. 

Whenever I start a new naming & branding project I like to research as much as possible the space my client is in; and this project was one of the most fulfilling. I learned about sustainable farming, processing green coffee beans, the sort of impact it has on a community, the logistics involved in exporting these beans, and what sort of quality roasters are looking for. 

The guys at Allegory were enthusiastic about business and ready to get it off the ground but solidifying the brand message was elusive. They had an entire story to tell. It was something that was on the tip of their tongue but it was tough to get out in a concise and cohesive manner. After some rounds of questionnaires, suggestions and mockups, the guys dug deep into the name that was already close to their heart.

An allegory is a visible symbol representing an abstract idea. The coffee is the symbol, the farmers livelihood is the abstract idea. We’re raising the quality of both.”

We used the ‘a’ from allegory and used negative space to represent the green coffee beans Allegory exports. The designs literary feel, due to the serif ‘a’, lends itself to the story telling aspect of their brand.

We used dark browns as the main color palette, with an earthy green for a pop of color. After finalizing the files & designing a brand guideline, we had a debrief and they ran with it.

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