Digital Holiday Stickers And How They Can Boost Your Social Media Presence

Digital Holiday Business Stickers for Social Media

Digital holiday stickers can communicate added benefits of your business while adding to the Christmas cheer of the season. Whether via thank-you cards, free shipping or gift wrapping, these important add-ons should be presented in a quick and clear way.

Celebrate the Holiday Season with your Social Media Followers

Social media is about being cordial and involved in each other’s life. I know your business is something really personal to you, but to strangers, it’s just another business. Adding a relevant digital holiday sticker to social media stories is an opportunity to get rid of that chill and warm it up with some festive designs. The sticker pack features nostalgic illustrations with relevant business offerings. These stickers (in our humble opinion) strikes the balance of being personable yet still being relevant as a business.

How To Use Digital PNG Stickers in Instagram

You can use PNG stickers on Instagram without it being an official sticker. Sure it sounds easy, but it’s not how Instagram is doing it. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, transfer the files to your photo library on your phone so you have them available to post. I used airdrop because I’m a mac/iPhone user but you can email or do whatever fits you.

  2. Create a Story on Instagram with the photo or video you want.

  3. Next, go to your camera library, click on the share icon, and tap on “Copy Photo” for the png sticker you want, then go back to Instagram.

  4. Tap on the writing tool “Aa” at the top as if you are going to write text. Then long tap so that the “Paste” option comes up and click on that.

  5. Done! [phew, c’mon Instagram, there has to be an easier way]

Get the Stickers

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These were made in partnership with BugemanDesigns, you can get the non-business complete version on Etsy.

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